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Faith seeking reason- Mark 9:24

God and Romance


Romance is a perfect example of how only God can accurately teach us what to believe about love.  For example, today we hear things like this…


“Marriage is a great way to kill your love life”.


Is that true? God’s word describes godly romance like this: “Yes, compared to other women, my beloved is like a lily among thorns (Song 2:2).” Christian marriage will not kill a man’s love for a woman; in fact his love for her will grow!


I think we have all heard by now that 50% of marriages end in divorce- even Christian marriages. However, think about this…


    1. In a December 2006 article titled, “Why Religion Matters Even More: The Impact of Religious Practice on Social Stability”. The behavioral factor under consideration in these studies was frequency of attendance at worship services. Fagan reports; “Regular attendance (E & C vs. devoted) at religious services is linked to healthy, stable family life, strong marriages, and well-behaved children.”
    2. January 2007: “Active” Christians (those attending church services once or more each week) had a divorce rate that was at low as one-half of atheists and agnostics, and substantially lower than other comparison groups.
    3. A review (June 2008) from the Center for Marriage and the Family discovered, “Americans who… attended religious services regularly (several times a month or more) were approximately 35 percent less likely to divorce.”

Again, I am convinced that Christian (key word) marriage will not kill a man’s love for a woman; in fact his love for her will grow!


God wrote the Song of Solomon to be read and lived in Christian bedrooms and churches and everywhere. Certainly, we all have a lot to learn about God’s love; but are we listening?


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Village life in Israel ceased, ceased until I, Deborah, arose, arose a mother in Israel (Judges 5:7).  

Hypothesis: Even today we have a general feeling, even in some Christian communities, that women are second-rate humans. Some even use the Bible to defend this position. I disagree and said so in this sermon. 

Deborah’s Greater Honor

When Deborah called Barak out to lead Israel’s fight for freedom, he responded with a curious request. He said (in my words), “I’ll only go if you go with me (Judges 4:8)”. Some Bible teachers think he was being a coward because he would not go into battle without this woman. Others think Barak was being faithful to God because he would not go into battle without God’s prophetess. Either way, Deborah said (my paraphrase), “I’ll go with you but, because you asked me to go, you will not get the honor- the Lord will hand our enemy over to a woman (v.9)”. God did, in fact, hand the victory to “a woman”, Deborah, and she received greater honor than Barak.

Deborah’s Life Applied

I suggest that it has always been God’s plan to give authority and value to both mothers and fathers, men and women. First of all, (1) Deborah served God and her country as a prophetess and a judge long before and probably after the battle. God used Deborah in two positions of great authority and responsibility (even as a married woman) which had nothing to do with the failure of men to answer God’s call. If that is not evidence enough, (2) think about when God created Adam and said, “It is not good for man to be alone (Gen.2:18)”. God created both men and women in His image because (among other reasons) both express His image better than man alone. Eve was not a “plan B” because it didn’t work out with Adam. Deborah’s work in Israel was not a “plan B” because it didn’t work out with Barak. Our mothers and women in general are not a good “plan B” because it didn’t work out with the men. It has always been God’s plan to express His love to the world (in the home and public) with both masculine and feminine qualities.

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