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Faith seeking reason- Mark 9:24

Talking with God: Noah

This week we considered what God might teach us about prayer through the life of Noah. I was impressed with the importance of teaching our children how to approach God as Noah did. He was only able to save his wife and 3 sons (with wives) from the flood but that was more than enough for God to repopulate the earth.

We know that God had already revealed worship through the faithful use of symbols like animal blood and offerings of produce because of the prior history of Cain & Abel. Certainly Noah practiced confession of sin and faith in the promise of God given to Eve because Noah set up an altar after he came out of the Ark. He taught his children how to pray that way.

We also need to make it a high priority to teach our children how to confess sin, worship God and praise Him with various offerings. I think dinner is a great time to review “the Lord’s Prayer” for the benefit of anyone who eats with us. Our children and grandchildren need us to teach them the meaning of “forgive us our debts” as well as “give us our daily bread”. By doing so at every meal, we will also offer knowledge of salvation for non-Christians who eat with us.

In the end, which Jesus said would be like the days of Noah by the way, those who worship God the way He taught us to, with faith and obedience, will have the assurance of being saved from God’s final judgment too. I’m doing it. Are you?


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