Help My Doubt

Faith seeking reason- Mark 9:24

No More Tears

Easter worship this year included a DVD clip from the Gospel of John which dramatized the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Of the 5 women named, “Mary” in the gospels, John gave a lot of attention to Mary Magdalene. She stayed at the empty tomb crying her eyes out when all the others had gone home. Maybe that is why Jesus revealed himself to her first. When Jesus said her name, Mary’s loud cries of grief turned into loud cries of excitement!

This week I wanted to focus on God’s blessing for Christians on this side of Heaven. Jesus told Mary to go tell His “brothers” that He was going to, “my Father and your Father”. One of the joys of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is the possibility of being adopted into the eternal family of God.

Easter us often a sweet day for family to visit and eat and enjoy a holiday. I am thrilled to know that God has adopted me as His son, because I trust in my resurrected brother Jesus, and many of the people I visited with on Easter this year are eternal brothers and sisters too. I pray for more adoptions by Easter time next year.


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Visual Bible: Informed Consent

We continued to watch clips from the Gospel of John DVD for worship. This week we saw Jesus crucified. It was pretty gross to see again, especially the sound effects of the other two criminals who had their legs broken after Jesus was dead.

Jesus’ death was pretty gross. That’s an important fact because God was letting Jesus die as a substitute for the sinners of the world. Our sin is pretty gross in God’s eyes. Every time we do something unloving, immoral or self-serving we do damage to God’s creation.

The fact that Jesus went to the cross voluntarily is an incredible love to ponder. The Bible says that Jesus was willing to go to the cross because He saw a greater joy on the other side of it. By briefly dying on the cross Jesus saved countless Christians from eternal pain in the next life.

The Bible also says that we can have abundant life in Jesus’ name before we get to heaven too. I have to agree. Being a Christian, for most of my life now, has been a great blessing to my marriage, family, work, play and everything. I love being a Christian!

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VISUAL BIBLE: Fearing the Truth

We have been watching one chapter of John per week in worship. The visual and drama is a nice help for preaching.

This week we watched as Jesus was questioned by the Roman Governor, Pilot. His famous question was, “what is truth?” Such an important and deep question for every generation.

I pointed out some similarities between the many religions in Jesus’ day and the many worldviews of our day. Trying to figure out who is right can be quite confusing. Of course, Jesus claimed to be the Son of God and “the way the truth and the life”. We would do well to clear up the complex by focusing on the truth claims of Jesus.

It can be a fearful experience to face the reality of our sin and God’s future judgment but those are the things Jesus died to rescue us from. Pilot was too afraid of political approval to accept Jesus. I was too afraid of my sins not to accept Jesus. Now I’m not afraid anymore!

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