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Faith seeking reason- Mark 9:24

What the Spirit Says to Small Churches (2)

Boy was I tired out for this sermon. I could tell the whole church was tired Sunday morning. I really felt like the Holy Spirit wanted to encourage us. Thankfully, one of the Scriptures I had chosen read, “Do not fear. I am your shield and your very great reward (Genesis 15)”. I needed to hear that. I trust I was not the only one.

Practically speaking, small churches can be just as fruitful as large churches by investing a lot of time in the people within our circle of influence and by remembering how quickly life can come to an end. Those two things can make a rural church effective because they do not depend on large numbers of people or access to resources. They depend on divine knowledge and love which all true Christians have already received. God is good!


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What the Spirit Says to Small Churches (1)

Oh boy have I been looking forward to this sermon series! I came across a great ministry on the web called, “Rural Home Missionary Association (” and have found them to be an incredible encouragement. Small churches are seen in a negative light by many Christian leaders in this country. It’s frustrating because so much of the church leadership material comes from big urban churches.

Today I encouraged my church and myself by reviewing God’s revelation about the Beginning and the End. We simply read the genealogy of Adam in Genesis 5 and celebrated the miracle of God’s power to populate the world as we know it today with 7 billion people by just one husband and one wife. Yes, Adam and Eve were real individuals created on day number 6 and lived for nearly 1,000 years. God is amazing!

We also reviewed God’s revelation about the Last Days in Revelation chapter 1. We see and incredible description of Jesus in heaven supervising the life of his churches whom he loves. Jesus is God in flesh and has earned authority to rule over all of heaven and earth. When things don’t look good from our perspective we need to see the world from God’s perspective. The Kingdom of God numbers around 2 billion Christians living today worldwide. Jesus started the church by himself and it cannot be stopped!

God is not limited by the small town we live in or the few faithful who worship in our local church. He could start over with just me and Anissa if he wanted to but we have a lot more to offer than that. King Jesus is holding me in his hand and he keeps watch over all his churches. I am very encouraged again!

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Baccalaureate 2010

I preached at our local High School for the first time last night. Boy was I nervous. I’ve been praying about and preparing for that night for close to a year.  God brought a blessing again.

The truth I wanted to emphasize was a truth that has been life changing in my own experience. Some call it the authority of Scripture. Some narrow the focus to the historical accuracy of Genesis 1. Some call it Creation Science. It seems to me that all the above is huge in any person’s movement towards salvation through faith in Jesus.

I am convinced by people like Ken Ham that people don’t believe in Jesus because they don’t believe the Bible is true. They don’t believe the Bible is true because Christians have more or less denied that Creation or Adam and Eve or Noah’s ark or the Tower of Babel are real history. The Bible has become a novel of Christian-fiction in most churches and, certainly, in schools.

So my message last night was about God creating us in the image of Himself and the meaning and joy that comes from knowing that truth. I highlighted the error of thinking that science can prove such a truth wrong because it is impossible for the scientific method to do so. The evolution of species is not historical fact and does not prove Creation wrong.

The bottom line is if we believe God and live accordingly we will find joy. I know I’ve never been happier and I really hope that our graduates will too.

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